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MRI Technologist

During the exam, you’ll be asked to lie on a fully cushioned table and will have a “coil” placed around the body part that is being imaged. The coil is a soft plastic material that captures the signal. Throughout your exam, you’ll hear a knocking or buzzing sound which signals that images are being taken. If contrast material is being used, your technologist or radiologist will guide you through the procedure to ensure you are comfortable with the process.
We provide a 24-hour report turnaround and 2-hour STAT readings requested by your physician!

Open MRI Preparation and Procedures

Our open MRI is designed to be spacious and has won several awards for its innovative unique design. Our Open MRI’s award winning design offers patients a comfortable and relaxed experience, especially for patients that are claustrophobic. We offer all types of MRI’s on our equipment, including, specific MRA’s for the brain and neck.mri test open mri in Highland mri machine mri cost mri technologist Unlike X-ray and CT scans that use radiation, MRI uses magnetic resonance technology. This newer technology is a series of magnetic waves and radio frequencies that create detailed pictures of your internal body organs, muscles, structures, and bones.
Here are some of the MRI exams we offer. Call us to see if we offer the type of exam you’re looking for as all of our exams are not listed below:

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